The Royal Danish Library – The Black Diamond

The Black Diamond shows special exhibitions and collections and hosts talks, concerts, lectures etc. The Royal Library - The Black Diamond is not just a place for books and students, but contains rich collections of cultural value that reflect broad European cultural traditions all the way back to ancient and medieval times.

A cultural treasure
The collections rage from books, magazines, newspapers and manuscripts to sheet music, maps and pictures of globes, aerial photographs and digital documents. The oldest manuscript is from the 600s, and the newest book was published yesterday. The Black Diamond also offers debates, lectures and exhibitions.

The Black Diamond – art and architecture side by side
The Black Diamond is designed by architects Schmidt Hammer Lassen and is in itself worth a visit with its 2,500 m2 facade of black granite. In the middle of the building you find the atrium, which is illuminated by daylight. In the ceiling you see Per Kirkeby’s large mural and every day at 1 PM you hear the music piece of the week composed by Danish musician Fuzzy. The music is from the work Catalogue, which is written especially for the Black Diamond.

The Royal Danish Library – The Black Diamond
Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1
1221 Copenhagen Municipality
København K

 +45 33 47 47 47


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