Rudersdal Museums – Mothsgården

Visit Mothsgården, the Vedbæk Finds and the historical archives of Rudersdal and discover unique finds from prehistoric Denmark and special exhibitions dealing with local, national and international aspects of our cultural history.

Local history with an international outlook
Mothsgården – a whitewashed timbered late 17th century country house situated on a hilltop in idyllic surroundings, next to Søllerøds medieval church and the inn – has two exhibition spaces. At the museum you can explore special exhibitions dealing with cultural history, with roots in the local community.

The thatch-roofed exhibition house contains our special exhibitions, and the newly restored main house contains the permanent exhibition where you can learn more about the history of Rudersdal in the past 500 years. The main theme is the correlation of human activity with the way Rudersdal appears today.

Historical Archive
The Historical Archive of Rudersdal is part of Rudersdal Museums and is housed in Fruerlund in Nærum Biblioteksalleen 1. Here you can immerse yourself in local history through personal archives, newspapers, church records and much more.

Vedbæk Finds
Three kilometers from Mothsgården you can experience the Vedbæk Finds. Here you can discover unique finds from prehistoric Denmark. The exhibition’s main attraction is the unique tombs from the hunter people who lived in Vedbæk in the last part of the Stone Age.

Rudersdal Museums – Mothsgården
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