The Karen Blixen Museum

Visit the site of world famous writer Karen Blixen’s childhood home, and experience the atmosphere of the rooms in which these well-known and beloved tales came into existence.

An author’s childhood home
“Babette’s Feast”, Out of Africa, Seven Gothic Tales. Pearls of Danish literature and all composed and written down at the house in Rungstedlund near Rungsted harbour. With the home in which she lived and wrote, and exhibits with books, letters and art, the Karen Blixen Museum presents the story of one of Denmark’s greatest and most famous authors.

A coffee farm in Africa
Karen Blixen was born in Denmark in 1885 but travelled to present-day Kenya in 1913 to run a coffee farm with her husband.  After 17 years, she returned home to Denmark, settling once again into the house at Rungstedlund, where she subsequently wrote her world-famous tales.

Old furniture and fresh flowers
A stroll across creaking floorboards leads you through the many beautiful rooms, furnished and decorated as they looked when Karen Blixen lived there. Among the things you can see are wood-burning stoves that belonged to Karen Blixen’s relatives and the furniture she brought back from her farm in Africa. There are impressive and beautiful bouquets of fresh flowers displayed on tables, chests and dressers throughout the year. The bouquets are inspired by Karen Blixen’s own sumptuous and untraditional flower arrangements. In addition to the private rooms, the museum has a documentary exhibition about Karen Blixen’s life and works and a gallery with her many drawings and paintings. You may also go exploring in her private book collection, which contains a string of classic works from Homer to Hans Christian Andersen.

Bird songs and Ewald’s Hill
Rungstedlund has an idyllic location near the Øresund strait; and, behind the whitewashed buildings, you will find a huge flower garden and grove, which has been designated a bird sanctuary in accordance with Karen Blixen’s wishes.  Here, too, walked the poet Johannes Ewald to find inspiration for his works, and the park’s benches are named after people who once ambled its grounds in their day. At the foot of Ewald’s Hill, you will find Karen Blixen’s grave beneath a large beech tree.
The park is always open to visitors, who are invited to take a little walk and enjoy its beautiful natural setting. Nesting boxes are set up in the grove, which has become a breeding ground for many birds.

1 million guests!
Since the Karen Blixen Museum first opened its doors in 1991, more than a million people have visited it.  In addition to the museum’s permanent exhibits, the museum offers a number of cultural activities such as film viewings, special exhibitions and readings.

The Karen Blixen Museum
Rungsted Strandvej 111
2960 Rungsted Kyst

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