The West Rampart Experience Center

Travel back in time and explore the historical defence of Copenhagen in a new and unique way.

From military secret to interactive visitors centre
Explore the labyrinth-like hallways of the Ejby Bunker, while you experience our digital and interactive exhibits. Learn about the exciting history of the bunker, the Western Ramparts and the fortifications of Copenhagen.

Hunt the Cold War spy in our mobile game or try to prevent World War 3 from breaking out in the Mission: Cold War game in the operations room. Or you could test your knowledge of the fortifications of Copenhagen on the living desk of the engineer, dig the ramparts with the navvies, test your physical abilities as a bicycle soldier or get your picture taken in uniform.

The Ejby Bunker was built as the headquarters for the aerial defence of Copenhagen. It was finished in 1954 during the Cold War between East and West. During the next 17 years, the bunker was manned 24 hours a day and ready for action in case the Cold War had gone hot.

In 2004 the Danish Defence finally left the bunker. During its operational years, it was shrouded in mystery and covered in guard posts and fences, with entrance to the area strictly controlled. Even its nearest neighbours didn’t know what went on in that secretive place.

Rumours abounded – about secret underground tunnels, hidden nuclear missiles and even a direct phone line to the American presiden! Today the doors are open, so come and see for yourself.

The Ejby Bunker is heated, so there is a pleasant 18 degrees Celsius all year round. You can even bring your own packed lunch.

Military history in beautiful surroundings
The interactive visitors’ centre is located on a stretch of the Western Ramparts. The historical fortifications were built between 1888 and 1892, as part of the defence of the Danish capital, and during World War 1 they were manned by approximately 50,000 soldiers.

Explore the historical fortifications on your own, visit the café in the Artillery Magazine or book a guided tour or children’s birthday party in the Ejby Bunker or on the ramparts.

Welcome to The West Rampart Experience Center!

The West Rampart Experience Center
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The Artillery Magazine:
Tuesday-Friday: 9-15

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