The David Collection

In the heart of Copenhagen you find a treasure trove of Islamic art. The David Collections grants you insight into the Islamic countries' art history.

A collection from another culture
The David Collection showing Islamic world culture from the 7th to the 19th century has gathered Scandinavia’s largest collection of its kind. Get an insight into the Islamic countries’ art history, and immerse yourself in a world of highly detailed ornamentation, meticulous precision and tradition.

Private artworks in David’s old house
The core of The David Collection is acquired by the Supreme Court lawyer and art collector C. L. David during the course of his life. The property itself in Kronprinsessegade 30 belonged to David’s great-grandfather, merchant Joseph Nathan David, who lived with his family in the house from 1811 until his death in 1830. C. L. David took over the property in 1917, and in 1946 he opened his collection to the public.

David’s Danish art
The museum’s founder C. L. David acquired quite a collection of paintings, sculptures and ceramic works from the period around 1900. See masterpieces by Danish artists; Theodor Philipsen, J. F. Willumsen and 11 works by world famous Vilhelm Hammershøi.

The David Collection
Kronprinsessegade 30
1306 Copenhagen Municipality
København K

 +45 33 73 49 49


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