Mosede Fort, Danmark 1914-18

Visit the Mosede Fort casemates and discover the story of neutral Denmark during World War 1. Explore the Great War from the perspective of a neutral country and learn about a little-known chapter of World War 1 history.

Hear about Denmark’s role as one of the neutral countries in the war. Experience how the war affected the daily lives of Danes and how the government, business community and general population upheld Denmark’s neutrality through the years of war.

The exhibition is for visitors of all ages – families and adults – and you won’t necessarily need your reading glasses. Use your ears, eyes and hands to discover an important yet forgotten period of Danish history that changed the lives of the Danes forever. You can listen to English or German voices in the exhibition’s numerous rooms and all exhibition texts are also printed in these two languages.

Set off on your own exploration of the historic concrete redoubts in the fort’s ramparts and surrounding beach. It was here the soldiers stood guard, ready to sound the alarm if the enemy appeared.

Mosede Fort, Danmark 1914-18
Mosede Strandvej 87a
2670 Greve

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