Kronborg Castle

Discover one of Denmark's most important cultural and historical sights: the magnificent and impressive Kronborg Castle, which from the outside appears as a mix of both an elegant royal palace and a brutal military fortress.

Renaissance palace and power symbol
The inside of the castle is a testimony of the Renaissance and baroque royal living. Both the castle and its surroundings are unique experiences. The presence of history can be felt when you walk around the impressive building which shows that Denmark once had major military power in Northern Europe.

Kronborg for the whole family

Kronborg offers a wide range of experiences. Via your mobile phone, you can experience Kronborg through a dramatization of the life of a convict in the fortress, and you can meet the Danish legend Holger Danske in a modern 3D staging. The castle also offers lots of fun for children. You can borrow a key to Kronborg’s six play boxes with toys for both children and adults. In the castle you can build your own castle in Lego blocks or climb around on a giant model of Kronborg.

Holger Danske and Hamlet
The hero Holger Danske sleeps in Kronborg’s casemates and will only wake up to save Denmark in a time of need. But what kind of life did Holger Danske lead, before he ended up sleeping in the barracks of Kronborg? With flashlights in hand, go explore the legend of Holger Danske and shed light on the mythic history and significance of the Danish identity. Kronborg Castle is also linked to Shakespeare’s play about Prince Hamlet, which is one of the most famous and frequently performed plays in the world. Since the 1600s, countless theater productions at Kronborg and many other places in the world made sure to keep the myth of Hamlet alive.

Kronborg Castle
Kronborg Slot
3000 Helsingør

 +45 49 25 03 25


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