J.F. Willumsens Museum

J.F. Willumsen was one of the most versatile artists in Denmark. The collections include Willumsens own works, his Old Collections and large archives containing photographs, books, letters, diaries, collected through a long life.

A jewel in Danish art
Explore Willumsen’s world of art by exploring a selection of his paintings, drawings, prints, ceramics, sculptures, photographs and architecture. At The J. F. Willumsen Museum you can experience one of Danish art history’s great masters up close and personal from all angles. The museum is beautifully situated by Roskilde Fjord in Frederikssund and contains a large collection of Willumsen’s own works, including his private collection of Danish and foreign art.

A long artistic career
J. F. Willumsen was born in 1863 and grew up in Copenhagen, where he attended the Technical School and later the Royal Academy of Art. In 1885, he completed his education at the Artists’ Studio School. In his youth he was regarded as a controversial and pioneering figure in Danish art and he held this position throughout his entire 70-year long artistic career. At the museum you can follow Willumsen’s development and gain an insight into the diversity of the artistic problems he worked with.

Even more museum space
In 1947 Willumsen donated his entire collection of his own works, his private art collection and his huge archive of photographs, books, letters, diaries and notes to the Danish government. The museum building, which opened its doors in 1957, was designed by the functionalist architect Tyge Hvass and built in the area where Willumsen’s relatives had previously owned land. A great new addition in 2005, designed by Theo Bjerg has tripled the area of the museum. Today you can learn more about Willumsen’s life’s work in nine exhibition halls, a junior museum, open magazines, special exhibitions and Willumsen’s own art collection.

J.F. Willumsens Museum
Jenriksvej 4
3600 Frederikssund

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