Helsingør City Museum

At Elsinore Museum you can experience the city's long history through exhibitions, city tours, local archaeological finds, the city's architecture and the historic house that provides the setting for the museum's exhibitions and activities.

Tales of the city
The old market town of Elsinore is beautifully situated on the tip of North Zealand. The building where the museum is housed has a long history. The old house was built in 1520 by Carmelite monks as a hospital for seamen. It has also served as a grammar school and a poorhouse. From 1900 it fur was a library until Elsinore Museum moved into the house in 1973. The first floor still contains the unique renaissance which the noble Herluf Trolle and his family in the 1500s used as ballroom.

The Shipyard Museum
In Elsinore’s old shipyard, the current Culture Yard, you get close to the industrial Elsinore. The grand shipyard building stands as a significant manifestation of the modern industry. At the museum you can learn about shipbuilding and the many workers; blacksmiths, ship carpenters and all the others who populated the yard for 100 years.

Helsingør City Museum
Sct Anna Gade 36
3000 Helsingør

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