Danish National Archives

By the gateway to the more than 400 year old building at Christiansborg in Copenhagen, you find the history of Denmark.

Here you can enjoy year-round exhibitions and participate in cultural events – such as lectures and children’s activities.

Get close to the mug shots, the Constitution and the occupation
The unique original material at The Danish States Archives dates back to the 1100s. And here you find everything between heaven and earth – both large and small: The Kalmar Union, records from the occupation, sabotage reports, mug shots, the history of Denmark as a colonial power in the Danish West Indies, Struensees confession statement and much more.

Meet your ancestors
The reading room is a ample opportunity to delve into the history – even your own story. Many of the sources are on Arkivalieronline. But you can also order material to the reading room where you can immerse yourself completely. Here you get close to the original documents.

Culture online
A large part of The Danish States Archives is available online at Arkivalieronline, but you can also delve into yet more stories in The Danish States Archives web exhibitions on www.sa.dk. Here you can read about Carsten Niebuhr and the Arab Travel, see felon images from 1885 by child killers in Copenhagen and go hunting for details in the collection of maps of the Danish market towns.

Danish National Archives



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