Alhambra, the museum for humor and satire, exhibits the humorous version of the history of the Danes. The exhibit tells the story of the dangerous political satire, freedom of speech and censorship in Denmark, but also of the sketch shows and comedians, the tricks that will always make people laugh and the brightest stars in Denmark’s theater sky.

For more than 160 years and annual production, a ‘REVY’, has been staged at various venues in cities throughout Denmark. Through a series of short sketches, laced with music, song and dance, the performers will review the most noted events of the year – political and cultural issues or the ever-interesting activities of famous public figures, such as our gracious Queen, the Prime Minister or anyone else caught in the public eye – with a humorous perspective and the occasional caustic remark.

Alhambra focuses on humorous performance art in all its various forms, from the jester to the modern stand-up comedian and tells the story of entertainment in its Danish historical context through photographs, posters, videos and recordings.

Allegade 5

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